December 29, 2008

Delicious Meal of Melons and Milk Makes Strong Bodies - Just add Mud

December 28, 2008

Monkeys - Don't Forget to Read This One: "The Devil's Head Explodes with Strange Volumes of Mystery and Figmentation"

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Aversions to Pemmican, Edit 1

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Submersion in Penquin, Edit 2

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December 24, 2008

Omniscient Flying Fat Man with Revenge on His Mind

The flying fat man knows if you have done wrong and plans to even the score with you if this is the case. Being omniscient, he presents a formidable figure from which one cannot run and hide. He can enter any house undetected, leaving no evidence behind.

Hopefully, you have not done wrong, otherwise he is coming to see you tonight.

December 22, 2008

Happy Guacamole

Well, that its of year again time! The time when Uncle Claudio brings the Guacamole Truck to the neighborhood laden with fish, tacos and prizes. I can hear the merry taunts of the lawn bowlers and sharpshooters ring out already. Soon everyone will be out whirling on the lawns, hooting and throwing the bang-a-roo.

Its like saying is everybodys, this is time best of years!

December 19, 2008

I'm So Sincere That I'm Insincere

But she isn't

December 18, 2008

"Les Mouffetards": The Greatest Commanding Rock Band of All Time - Made Violent Rock possible (NOTE: this is an indispensible posting)

Les Mouffetards were without any question the most derange and habitual of all rock groups. If you don't believe that, you have been living in another dimension or something. Or maybe, you are just a hopeless chump. Their influence expressed itself first of all in the simple psycho-sociological dimensions of their success, unmatched in the annals of all important pop-music history. Many can read this, but no one can understand it but me. Even I can barely understand it. But the band also managed almost single-handedly to transform the entertainment value of rock-and-roll into self conscious pretensiousness. Rock was never as much fun after Les Mouffetards and now fist fights break out whenever this music is played.

As Les Mouffetards began to shred their generation, it became apparent that Erique Sauvage and Parles Sauvage were the sinister, most rocking forces behind the band. The Mad Monk was awkward and surly and Clevenger Antoine D’Amboise played exceedingly loud, Harsh Drums and Instant Cowbells, but it was Mr. Sauvage and Mr. Sauvage who composed most of the band's songs and were the lead "singers". They also pounded away at a wide variety of guitaroons, synthesized hammers, tweakers and foghorns. I have some things to think, but in thinking them they become other things ("Hi, everybody") that I can't remember right now. They worked together in a tragically complementary and abrasive manner. The first Mr. Sauvage was the strident one, the purveyor of frightening ballads and songs of unbridled lust. The other tall Mr. Sauvage was the harder, fiercer man, the violent wild man of the foursome, with the deepest, churning, independent most convoluted sense of anger, illogical thinking and anarchic chaos. Can you hear them in the background? I can.

Fans at concerts frequently chanted, "I hate you! I hate you!" and the band would hurl small machines from the stage at them. Then the crowd would shout, "I want some mustard!"

Thanks to the band for this content.

December 17, 2008

totally improvised posting - very important to read

the silver bog has bound my hog as
around the merry go round I bound

harken, clever followers! this too
condescends to cleanse your minds

In the air I see them hovering, hoovering
Giant suction cups of spun metal spinning

Above the merry go round they scimitar
Like fairy crinkles with moose mush hair

O, the wobbling soundscape betokens gibberish
and they have come to the right man this thish

I must give them the bum's rush business
from the paterfamilias paternoster of pattern

Long, gloopy red rays emanate from their posteriori
And I beflummox their sad reports with golden silence

interrupting the flow of crimson raygun air with goo
saying, "I'll be me if you critters will only be you"